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Chief Customer Officers, Fall

October 16-17 2019 | W Hoboken

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The CCO Experience

When we were conducting the research for CCO Fall, 2019 there was one clear desire that was present on each call; to possess a holistic view of the Customer. 

Silos come up in every Industry and role – they do not discriminate; whether that originates from the CCO’s own team, or the Company as a whole. 

With this holistic theme in mind, we have chosen to divide the agenda into three dominant sections. This has been done to provide three lenses onto the theme in question, providing the ability to break down the biggest Industry challenges and interrogate them from multiple angles. 


We begin each theme by exploring the Mind topic – looking at the overall thought processes and strategies behind the theme, for example - Advisor, Analyst, Acquaintance of the Customer: Identifying the Customer Role

We then enter into the Body and explore the current physical structures and processes which are being achieved. This is a great place for our Insider Sessions, unique 30-minute case-studies allowing our audiences to learn from real experiences, successes, and challenges, for example, Risky Signal Recognition: Safeguarding your Customer both Online and Off (Airbnb) 

The third and final lens we provide is the Soul – this encourages our audience to consider their perspectives, opinions, and purpose behind what they are currently doing, and what they want to do in the future. For example: How to Build a Customer-centric Company-wide Culture – Making Everyone a Customer Champion.

After each theme has been explored we will then have a Reflection Time session. Reflection Time is a structured session which allows the audience to piece together the theme that has been discussed in order to approach it holistically.

CCO Session Formats

Discussion Groups

CCO Fall would not be complete without Corinium's signature Discussion Groups. The 45-minute relaxed breakout sessions allow attendees to benchmark practices and operations with their peers. Discussion groups are chaired by 4-5 key industry speakers but every attendee can participate, voice issues, and
propose solutions.


Keynote Presentations

20-minute visionary presentations delivered by leading learning and development executives from a cross-sector
of industries. Keynote presentations provide insightful content and define the road-map for CCO's in some of today's most iconic organization's. 

If you're interested in delivering a keynote contact us here. 


Panel Discussions

30 minute moderated conversations, featuring a panel of experts sharing their unique experiences on a specific topic. There is also an opportunity for Q&A, with the moderator encouraging the participation of the audience in developing a broader perspective in relation to a particular challenge or opportunity.


Learning Lab

Learning Labs are our new 60-minute led session which gives attendees the opportunity to work in a roundtable and discuss and create a strategy to present to the room, each learning lab will have a panel of judges to determine a winning team who will receive a prize.


Plenty of Networking Time

We understand that a lot of the value at our events comes from intimate conversations with your peers which may occur outside the remit of the conference agenda. We also appreciate that the richness of the content can leave the mind feeling quite fatigued!

Hence why we have built in multiple networking opportunities into this year's agenda in the form of roundtablesdrinks receptions as well as networking breaks and lunches - where you can relax with your peers and extract those stories that can help fuel your respective strategy.

Find out whom you can network with at CCO Fall! 

Experience CCO Fall First Hand

Regardless of your role we have sessions that all attendees can gain valuable insights and benefit from. Take a look below at some of the diverse topics of discussion along with some of the organizations who will be involved in the conversations:


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